Why Are We Captivated By Tribal Wall Masks?

There is nothing quite as eye catching in a room as a row of tribal wall masks. You could have the most beautiful paintings, but your visitor will constantly turn back towards the masks as if drawn by an unseen force. Why is this? What is it that still captivates us today?

To find the answer we need to look back at the history of the human race. From the earliest times masks have been used in magical ceremonies. Whether it is in the Americas, Europe, Australia or in Africa, our ancestors have been involved in ceremonies.

In ancient times and still today in many parts of the world, masks were believed to hold magical powers. The person wearing it would have given the powers needed to achieve their goal. Whether they were asking to be blessed with children or to have a bountiful harvest, the ceremony would involve a certain ritual which would include the wearing of a disguise over the face.

One of the earliest documented cases of humans using a disguise in a ceremony is found in France. This dates back to the Palaeolithic Period. It involved the wearing of a costume with deer horns on the head. It appears that the performing of the ritual was viewed as magical.

As we place an artifact of this sort in our homes or offices today we still seem to be captivated by the memory of times gone by. There are very few replicas that hold the same fascination as an original though. Often we seem to feel the power of it still thousands of years later.

When we hang tribal wall masks in our home or office we are bringing a little bit of ancient magic back into our modern lives. No matter where they are from or whether they are replicas or originals, they still hold a fascination that is deeply rooted in every one of us.

Source by Rina Lawler