The Superstars Of Belly Dance


One of the most exciting types of dancing to watch are superstars of belly dance. If you have ever thought of doing this yourself, it is not only fun to do but an exercise as well. You never see a fat belly dancer who gives one of these performances.

When you are watching such a performance you see moving hips, a surging torso and other body movements. It is fascinating to see when they seem to quiver a special part of their body. Their ability to move certain areas with the other parts remaining in place seems like an impossible task.

These movements indicate complete control of the body and the colorful costumes worn are designed specifically for this purpose. One type of outfit is called a baladi and has a hip belt or scarf. At times finger cymbals are used but, regardless of the different costumes, they will fully emphasize the grace and independent control of the body.

This kind of dancing is known for its themes. They are celebrations of the body, beauty, women, life, birth and creativity. In some places, this is termed the Middle Eastern Dance and is considered to represent that particular culture. Balady, Baladi and Beladi is one of their terms which means ‘dance from the country’.

Egyptians Raks Alsharqi has a translation as ‘dance of the Easterner’ and is the one most used by American performers. You will also find the term Danse du Ventre which is French and means ‘dance of the belly area’. This type of performance was introduced to America in 1893 at the Chicago World’s fair. As time has gone on it has had various interpretations, such as the Russian and Turkish Gypsy styles, but all revert to a fascinating control of body movements in the hip and torso areas.

Historically it can be traced back to ancient times. In Egypt, for example it was involved with art, ritual, Gods, Goddesses and rituals. Iraq, Turkey, and many other countries also connect their mythology and religion with this type of dancing. A more recent type is called the Gothic Fantasy and involves wearing dark fabrics adorned with things such as leather, silver studs, heavy eye shadow and a vampire look. It has become popular with the younger people of Germany and America.

Each country has a similar style of this type of body movement, but often has small differences. American belly dancing, for example, introduced the use of the veil and the use of more space than that of other countries. With so many different techniques adapted throughout the world, it is sometimes difficult to identify a particular style and is just recognized as belly dancing.

Many women have become well known throughout the world for their ability to perform these movements and have become known as the superstars of belly dance. It has spanned all cultures with their unique customs and music used in its presentation. If you are interested in learning these beautiful movements there are many classes and workshops available that will teach you all the steps from the very beginning. This is not only a great exercise but gives a wonderful feeling of personal accomplishment.

Source by Michelle Pfeffer