Tattoo Designs For Lower Back

The curves and shapes of a woman's body come together in the low back. This makes that area perfect for a lower back tattoo. They are easy to cover up for certain occasions when you do not want them to be seen. But some occasions just cry out for low riding jeans and crop tops to show off your tattoo. It is up to you whether you want your tattoo to be seen or not.

The shoulder and nape of the neck tattoos are very erotic places also, but they are not as easy to expose or hide as the lower back tattoos.

The natural curve of the hips and the curves of the female back is the perfect fit for a tattoo. They can be designed to highlight and flatter that portion of the low back.

Some of the popular tattoo designs for lower back are of wings that will stretch across the whole lower back area. These can be the wings of an angel, monster, birds, dragonflies, butterflies, fairies, etc. You can embellish your wings tattoo with flowers, vines, stars, etc. Some people like color in their tattoo design, but a lot of the lower back tattoos are just done in black ink.

When you are choosing your tattoo, look into the meaning of the symbols you are interested in. Since this is something you will likely have forever, you want to be sure of what it signals. A butterfly can signify new beginnings, a starting over. The lotus flower is a popular low back tattoo and it signifies divinity and peace. Some people choose the lion for it's courage, pride, and strength of will. The dragon tattoo can be fearsome or playful, whimsical or fierce.

Before you choose your tattoo be sure and shop around and find a reputable tattoo parlor. It is easy to find a tattoo online that you like and have it printed so that you can take it to your local tattoo parlor to have it put on.

The only problem with the online tattoos is that there are so many to choose from. Unless you know exactly what you want in the beginning, you will be tempted by literally thousands of great designs. Just take your time and choose wisely as you will be wearing that tattoo for the rest of your life. Although they can be removed or inked in, most people keep their original tattoos.

Source by Marilyn Roberts