Dance Tattoos – Get Your Emblem Customized to Your Type of Dance


Did you know that the activities you love to do can also be something you may imprint in your body parts as a beautiful work of art? Yes, dance tattoos actually started when a person who extremely loved to dance asked that the tattoo design on her body be that of the activity she loved most to do, which is dancing. However, it does not mean that you can only have such tattoo designs about dancing if you are good at it, oh no. Even if you can not dance to a tune, for as long as you simply love dancing, you are entitled to get your own dance tattoo designs from your local art gallery or your local tattoo artist. Here are several other things you should know about dance tattoos.

Tattoos symbolizing the love for dance actually come in several forms. In fact, each type of dance tattoos may be an expression of a certain style. That is why there is no truth in saying that only those people who have the skills to dance can wear such dance tattoo designs.

More often than not, such tattoo designs are placed in the smaller parts of a person's body, because they are also smaller in size. But you should also take into consideration how you should be putting the tattoos in a strategic manner. You should never ask your tattoo artist to place small tattoo of dance design in your middle back. Doing so would lose the natural beauty of the tattoo. What you should do is ask your local tattoo artist to put it on your lower back instead. It actually becomes more alluring since the eyes of another person looking are drawn to look at your lower back.

Try the Stick design which is actually the most popular dance tattoo available in the industry. It is such an elegant design of a dance tattoo which you may modify and adjust based on the type of dance you truly love. It goes without saying that if you are passionate about doing ballet, then ask your artist to make a long tutu with long and graceful emphasis on the drawings.

However, if you love dancing modern jazz, then make sure that your local tattoo artist or parlor will make you a stick design that will include an illustration of the traditional cabaret outfit that goes with a top hat. Check out the Internet and log on to Tattoo Me Now, a popular website online for collecting and studying countless designs for your tattooing trance. Or what is more, if you are an avid fan of Michael Jackson, you may also go for a stick design that will depict the complete outfit of Jackson together with his very well-known white gloves and top hat.

Really, dance tattoos can be very attractive and indeed truly charming. While there are other people who choose to use the word dance as their tattoo designs, there are still so many people who prefer going for the type of dance designs. One of the dance tattoo designs gaining popularity fast is that of belly dancing, a dance looked at as a sophisticated, creative and artistic type of dance.

Source by Russell Reugh